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Web 3 Meets Cars!

We are on the cusp of a major shift in how we interact with the internet, and the auto industry is poised to be one of the most affected sectors. The so-called "Web 3.0" is being built on a decentralized network of computers, which will allow for a more democratic and open internet. This could spell the end of the car company as we know it. Today, the auto industry is dominated by a handful of companies that control the majority of the market. But with a decentralized network, anyone will be able to create a car-sharing service or an electric vehicle charging network. We will no longer be beholden to the traditional auto companies. The shift to a decentralized network will also have a major impact on how we buy and sell cars. Today, we have to go through middlemen like dealerships and car companies. But with a decentralized network, we will be able to buy and sell cars directly with each other. This could lead to a more efficient and transparent market for cars. The auto industry is on the brink of a major upheaval, and the shift to a decentralized network is likely to be a major driver of this change.

You always want customer feedback. NFTs and voting rights will allow it.

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